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Monday, July 12th, 2010
11:35 pm
Small sentence help. x
I was wondering if anyone could help me.

I wanted to turn my sentence into Japanese to give to my friend.
I wanted to say:

"Keep 'sunshine' in your heart, Regardless"

I have a saying "Paint every day yellow" and the above sentence reflects the meaning of this. However ive been told that this cannot be translated, and so i was hoping someone could help me with the top sentence at least.
I've drawn her a piece of art and i wanted to write it along the bottom to give to her this wednesday.

I was hoping for maybe 'Romaji' so as i can say it and then go and translate it and try to learn the kanji as im writing them, or if both would be ok.

I think i'm horribly wrong, but my best try was this:
" Shinzou no naka ni hinata wo mamoru wa kankei".
I'm guessing it doesnt make any sense.
I looked up 'regardless' online and it gave me this word but im very unsure.
Thank you if anyone can help me. xx
Saturday, August 1st, 2009
6:32 pm
4 line translation.
I was wondering if anyone could help me translate my few lines for my song.

"Green smoke rises,
The sky is Toxic,
And the sun will drown tonight".

I tried to figure it out, but i believe i am completely wrong.
This is what i came up with.

"Midori kemuri nobote
sora ga 'Toxic' da.
Konya wa Taiyoo oboreshinu daroo".

I dont know the japanese for 'Toxic', but im curious.
Do you think my lines will make sense in japanese? with the same feel to them?.

I was wondering if someone could translate this into Japanese Romaji, because my computer refuses to display All Asian symbols / characters regardless of how much i mess around within 'control panel'.
i dont have the 'Asian character installation cd disk'..

Thank you,
if anyone could help me. xxx
Friday, July 3rd, 2009
4:49 pm
Translation Help

I don't understand the third sentence in this conversation:



どう取ろうと勝手だ 答えは?」

Thank You,

(cross-posted on correctjapanese)

Monday, July 21st, 2008
10:35 am

She said everything's going to be all right.

こう言った すべてが大丈夫になる

I asked one of my Japanese friends about it and she said that her instinct is to correct it to こう言った すべてが大丈夫になると, but that since it is a song it may be okay to leave off the final と. I think it would go better with the music without the と, but I don't want it to sound grammatically incorrect either. This is the chorus and is repeated several times in the song, so I really want to get it right.


The complete lyrics to the song are available here, if that would be helpful to anyone.
Friday, May 16th, 2008
10:19 pm
Onomatopoeia question...
Okay, I'm clear on what giseigo/giongo is. However, I have no idea how to differentiate gitaigo from gijougo. A fellow classmate has a hunch that it's the difference between observable behaviors versus mental states, but could anyone confirm this?

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008
12:57 am
I have a somewhat long homework assignment for my Japanese class, so I'll put all of this under a cut. I attempted to work out the answers myself, but I'm not sure if they are correct. I was hoping I could find some help here. If you see any mistakes, don't hesitate to point them out! I'm still learning. Thank you in advance!

The AssignmentCollapse )

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Wednesday, June 20th, 2007
5:04 pm
Questions ._.
Was wondering if anyone could answer these questions,

1. What's the difference between the use of asu and ashita?


2. What's the difference between the use of ookiina(NOUN) and ookii(NOUN)?

Thanks :) Will appreciate it if I could get some help here. 0~0
Saturday, March 10th, 2007
1:38 am
日本への招待 | テーマ6 | 資料1 | 「豊かさ」って何だろう | translation
Hi everyone! I translated one of the articles from the book I am using (日本への招待) entitled "「豊かさ」って何だろう", and was wondering if you can help me out by taking a look if I made any mistakes.

The actual document is about a page long.

Click here to read full text with translationCollapse )

Thanks in advance!
P.S. The article was written in 1989, if that helps understand the context of the article better.
Friday, February 16th, 2007
2:04 am
Benihana: Jim Carrey Style
In the "In Living Color" "Benihana" sketch, I know Jim Carrey is saying, 「諸君はご心配無く!私(わたくし)は????です。」though I do not know the part in question marks. Could someone help me please?

Thank you!

Sydney B
1:11 am
Tuesday, November 28th, 2006
8:50 pm
ためつすがめつ, etc.
I'm studying from the 完全マスター book for JLPT 1級, and I'm having trouble with one of the grammatical patterns.

(56) 〜つ〜つCollapse )

Thanks very much to anyone who can help!
Sunday, November 12th, 2006
5:36 pm
Help please~~! (*__*)
Hi, everyone~! I just joined but I have a favor to ask~ (^_^;) I need to send a gift and a short letter to someone in Japan. And I need anyone to check if my message is constructed in correct Japanese~! (Someone helped me with this but he said that he isn't so sure with what I've done so this still needs to be corrected~)

Here is the English message:

Dear Mr. Nagayama,

Hello! My sister and I are your fans from the Philippines, do you know where the Philippines is? I am Kim Aira (but I’m more known as KeiKei) and my sister is Kian. She’s just eleven years old (I’m 17~) but she likes you very much. First of all, we’d like to greet you a very happy birthday! We only learned about you last February so this year is the first year that we’ll be celebrating your birthday. (^_~) And we thought it’d be nice if we could give you something. We hope that you are having or will have a nice birthday with the people who love you and support you around you. Of course, we also hope that you’re celebrating your birthday with the people whom you love. You’re already twenty-eight, right, but honestly it doesn’t show! You really look young, that’s so cool~! Anyway, we hope that you’ll like this gift of ours, my sister and I both spent our own money for it!

If ever you’d name it, please name it “Tuti” (laughs) because we like *pnish as well and we especially like Tsuchiya-san! Ever since we’ve seen Tenimyu in DVD, we instantly liked everyone but most especially you and Tsuchiya-san because you played our favourite characters— the Golden Pair! But Oishi is our most favorite~! Sorry, Kikumaru Eiji-san~!

Anyway, good luck on your future projects and congratulations on the previous ones! Please stay as pleasant as you are! We’ll always be here to support you and we hope that some time, we can go to Japan and see you live! FIGHT!!!

Again, happy birthday!

And here it is in Japanese:


様私の姉妹と私がフィリピンからのあなたのファンたちで、あなたがフィリピンがどこにあるか知っていますか? 私はKim Airaで(しかしKeiKeiとしてより知られていて)そして姉妹がKianです。彼女はたった11歳(私が17~である)です、しかし、非常にあなたが好きです。 で 何はさておき、私たちがあなたにあいさつしたいと思います 非常に最高の誕生日!この前の2月私たちはただあなたを知った、それで、今年が1年目である 私たちがあなたの誕生日を祝う。そして私たちがもしあなたに何かをあげることができればそれが素晴らしいだろうと思いました。私たちがあなたがあなたを愛していて、あなたの周りであなたを養う人々との素晴らしい誕生日を持っているかあるいは持つことを望む. というもちろんされて、私たちが同様にあなたがあなたが愛している人々との誕生日を祝っていることを望む. すぐあなたは、すでに28である、しかし、正直に現われない! あなたは本当に若く見えて、それはとてもクールです~! とにかく、私たちはあなたが私たちのもののこの贈り物が好きで、私の姉妹と私のどちらもそれのための私たち自身のお金を使ったことを望みます! もしこれまでそれの名前を指定すれば、それを「Tuti」と名付けてください同様に、私たちが*pnishが好きで、特に土屋さんが好きであるので(笑)! DVDのテニミュに会って以来、あなたがお気に入りのキャラクター〔特徴〕-- GOLDEN PAIR、をしたので、私たちはすぐに特にあなたと土屋さんの最大を除く皆が好きでした! 大石を除くは私たちの最もお気に入り~のものです! 遺憾であること菊丸栄二さん~、とにかく、 あなたの未来のプロジェクトの上の良い運と前のものの上の祝辞!あなたと同じほど快い好むこと滞在の私たちが常にここにいるがあなたを養って、私たちはいつか、日本に行って、あなたが生きるのを見ることができることを望みます! 闘争心!!!

再びの最高の誕生日! <3


I hope I don't confuse anyone~! (^_~) I'm confused with it, too~! (^_^;)

Anyway, advance thank you for your help!!! m(__)m
Thursday, October 5th, 2006
11:12 pm
USED 日本語 (nihongo) books?
I hope this isn't off-topic, but I was wondering if people in this LJ community had some used Japanese Language books that they no longer need and want to either give away or sell at a lower price.

I live in LA, and usually purchase my language learning books from the local Kinokuniya bookstore. And over the years, it's come to my attention that they're usually VERY expensive.

If you have some books, or are looking for some specific books, maybe we can start a trade/buy/sell. A photo, and maybe a description of what the book is would be good, and if you have time, a comment on what makes it a good/bad book.

*if this is off-topic, I can delete it =)

Tuesday, September 19th, 2006
1:24 am
help, please?
hit a snag in the midst of translation.

can anyone offer into some insight into this?:
悲しみ回路は劣化して パニくりそうだよSOS

specifically the boldened words?

my best guess is panikku, but for one thing, it's PANI -ku~, and for another, it's lacking the small tsu in between, and i'm thus at a loss as to what this could mean. would anyone have an idea? :\

xposted, sorry if this floods.
Friday, September 1st, 2006
1:18 pm
Translating my song
I just joined, but I need help translating my song correctly. My friend translated it so I could pronounce it, but he said he made some errors, here is the song:
Oh my heart, stop beating

He walked away, you know he'll be back
just like last time

Oh my heart, beat not a second longer
For I might miss him
I might fall back too fast

He'll be back

And when he does you can tell him of our journey

Oh my heart, grown cold, beat

For he won't be back
But when we see him I'll tell him of our journey for him

But rest if you must,
for when you do, we'll see him again,
one day.

But I wanted translated how he did it but without the errors. Here is his translation:
ara waga kokoro, teiryuu kodou

anohito shouyou, omaesan nou ushiro
raiku saishuu dake

ara waga kokoro, kodou iiya niban motto
tainutse watashi furoirain senpou
Watashi seiryoku botsuraku nimo hayaku

anokata imei ushiro

sonutse itsu anokata imei omaesan kan taidan anohito no hon tabi

ara waga kokoro, sozou retsu, kodou

tainutse anokata iiya tsuizui
datte itsu chin tokei anokata watakushi hanashi anokata no hon tabiji tainutse anohito

datte amari naraba omae beki
tameni itsu omae, wareware tokei matanutsemo
ikko di

I'm sorry If I'm asking too much. If some one would be so kind to I'd be very thankful. >_

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Saturday, July 29th, 2006
10:35 pm
I've just joined but I have a small request.

I'm looking to double check the translation of this phrase:


Am I correct that this is "Kizuite yo, furimuite yo, dakishitmete yo," or in English, "Notice me, look back to me, embrace me"?

Thanks for your help. :]

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Tuesday, July 18th, 2006
11:06 am
Japanese Font
I've noticed that much of the Japanese font comes up as blank squares on my computer. Does anyone know where I could find the appropriate font to see Japanese characters?

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Monday, June 26th, 2006
6:40 pm
Hi, Im making a carrier for my movies and wanted to write some words on the front in Katakana. I would like the following phrase translated:
Horror, Elegance, Romance, Drama, and Comedy (and also) Movies are Love

Thanks so much! I hope your able to do it!
Saturday, June 10th, 2006
8:17 am
Watashi wa shitsumon ga arimasu.
Shitsumon ga ii desu ka? I have a few questions about proper japanese dialogue and some other japanese culture. My first question would have to be about the otaku. What do you think of them in Japan? Otaku wa dou omou desu ka? Also, what would be some helpful hints to remember for a 22 year gaijin when visiting Japan, on what to say. I don't want to offend anyone, my dialogue is more like a teenager's (of a boy) Takusan shounen manga wo yomimashita. Dame desu ka? Oisogashii tokoro arigatougozaimasu. ^_^

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7:02 am
Would like to know more formal japanese and children's books
Konnichiwa. I am a young gaijin who has learned by myself for 5 years on how to speak Japanese, but most of it is casual. The reason being that I have picked up dialogues from anime and manga and japanese pop songs. So far I have taken 6 classes of japanese, both being beginners and an intermediate class. My last sensei has hinted that I need to learn proper japanese due to my age. I am 22 by the way. To help me, she gave me this children's book entitled "Kokugo Ichiue Kazaguruma". I have read some of it and I would like to read more children's books in japanese. Kodomo no hon ga ichiban desu ka? (What would be good children's books) I apologize if my japanese isn't correct. Arigatou gozaimasu! ^_^

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